• 2020年12月6日

Benefits of Automated Warehouse Solutions in Semiconductor Environments


为许多半导体制造商和供应商, 业务对自动化的需求正在达到一个临界点. 正在进行的劳动力短缺, compounded by sustained demand for consumer electronics and pandemic-related market forces, make it increasingly difficult to meet and order fulfillment expectations. 

根据麦肯锡的调查, “semiconductor segments will experience negative year-on-year revenue growth in 2020. 展望2021年, 然而, we expect that the situation will improve as most end markets recover, mostly because the starting point for 2020 will be much lower than it was in previous years.”1

为了在这个挣扎的行业中保持竞争力, 公司需要寻找转向和保持竞争力的方法. Semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers are among the groups that have the most to gain from increased warehouse automation. 自动物料搬运 储存的形式, 运输, 排序bb电子糖果网址减少了手工流程, 以及它们造成的环境破坏和安全问题. 

根据Teknowlogi, 48% of surveyed warehouses said the biggest barrier to greater automation and robotics usage is cost.2 However, investment in automation yields significant returns and advantages:

1. 增加仓库容量

Making the best of available space is critical to operating efficiently, especially for fabrication plants with a small warehouse footprint. 材料处理 & 《bb电子糖果派》杂志也报道了这一点, “By maximizing the use of underutilized overhead space from the floor to ceiling, today’s dynamic storage and retrieval systems can reduce traditional floor space requirements by 65-85%.”3 AS / RS的bb电子糖果网址 通过存储更高和更密集的sku来节省空间. The automated nature of retrieval also eliminates the need for human intervention in the storage area, allowing the storage aisles and overall footprint to be as compact as possible.

2. 扩大仓库操作

根据麦肯锡的调查, companies in the market for 半导体 noted customer service and on-time delivery as top influential factors when making the decision to buy.4 像这样, customer responsiveness is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and long-term partnerships. 通过实施自动化bb电子糖果网址, semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers can automate material handling, 储存和挑选过程外 洁净室 to extend operations around the clock, maximize productivity, and reduce labor costs. 

3. 减少运营成本

进入2021年, the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) forecasts global semiconductor sales will rebound from the effects of COVID-19 and bring in $452 billion.5 在这个前所未有的时代, taking advantage of the growing market while maintaining management operating costs is essential to turning a profit. 另外, semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers should preserve profitability by cutting costs, 不降低产品质量. 通过将手工仓库任务升级为自动化, semiconductor manufacturers can realize up to 65% decrease in operational costs by decreasing labor, 简化流程, 集成系统, and reducing loss to product scrap associated with material handling.

4. 适应行业需求

End uses for 半导体 and their suppliers include a variety of categories ranging from consumer electronics to industrial and automotive.6 事实上, customer short delivery and lead time demands are leading motivations for adopting automation in manufacturing warehouses today.

5. 提高工人的生产力

A key benefit of material handling automation is its ability to support manufacturing and enhance productivity. 它将工人从降低生产效率的低效任务中解放出来, especially manual retrieval and delivery of parts to the 洁净室, and enables them to handle strategic business objectives and carry on value-added operations. 自动化还消除了人为错误的机会, 减少安全事故,防止物质损失. 

Since the automated material handling system is going to be used outside the 洁净室 environment, 与已有的设备, ease of integration can make a dramatic impact on the upgrade and installation process when minimizing is essential to keep operations running. An experienced intralogistics automation provider can accommodate the need to balance automation costs and productivity, 确保最短的停机时间和最大的投资价值.


Interested in learning more about warehouse automation and its benefits and applications for semiconductor manufacturing and supply? 探索村田机械的自动化物料处理bb电子糖果网址:

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This article was written by Nils Hart, Director of Business Development at bb电子糖果网址., makers of fully customizable automated warehouse solutions that help today’s semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers stay competitive.



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